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December 4, 2015

3 Examples of Omni Channel Experience in Traditional Business

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Are you providing value through an omni channel experience on the same level as these Fortune 500 businesses?An excellent omni channel experience is no longer a “nice to have.” Companies must align their physical products and digital touchpoints with the needs of consumers. The first step is to learn how consumers interact with their brand across channels. Then they’ll need to determine the breadth and depth of integration. This is what makes the difference between a flat multi channel UX and an engaging experience.While this is all fine to discuss in theory, it’s best to see it in action. There are many Fortune 500 companies out there who may talk the talk about becoming omni channel, but only a select few have executed with success.

Disney surprises and delights across all touchpoints

It may come as no surprise that Disney makes all interactions with their company feel like magic. Overall, they provide a delightful, truly omni channel experience from the very first interaction. Their website is responsive and is equally as robust on mobile as it is on desktop. Visitors can plan an entire Disney trip on a smartphone or tablet and can then use the mobile app to find their way around attractions.The Disney MagicBands, a tech studded wristband, act as a hotel room key, currency, photo storage device, and can even order food. It is the only item you need when physically attending one of their parks. Everything works seamlessly and makes the amusement park experience that much more delightful.At the end of the day, Disney and its Board of Directors signed off on the $1 billion cost of deploying the full system and placed a huge bet on the technology. The stylish, simple, and easy-to-use wristbands have been a boon to the company.

Starbucks provides a rewarding experience

Starbucks has seen great success with its omni channel experience. Their Starbucks app has incorporated mobile payment technology with its own rewards programs. With 16 million active users, Starbucks is now clocking 9 million mobile payments per week.The ease at which you can add and reload your payment info is what makes the experience stand out. Changing this info on one channel immediately updates the info across all other channels. This type of real-time, at-your-service feature is unparalleled in the retail space.

Bank of America puts customers first

Bank of America has a customer-centered model, agnostic of channel that’s resonating across the banking industry. Their current digital touch points allow for check depositing, bill payment, and appointment scheduling. All of the experiences are dynamic and seamlessly integrated across desktop and mobile.Research from Google has shown that 98% of Americans switch between devices on a daily basis. Furthermore, for those 46% who manage their finances online, it is crucial to ensure a connected experience.Bank of America continues to work towards adding new functionality to meet customer’s banking needs. In turn, their customers take comfort in knowing the company is committed to creating a user-centric digital experience.

Quick tips on creating a Fortune 500 level omni channel experience

For those firms who have struggled to find their omni channel way, here are some principles to follow:

  1. Make it valuableCustomers value convenience over all else. They yearn for seamlessness when it comes to brands—and you must know your audience so well that you can intuitively create the experience they need across channels.
  2. Invest equally in all channelsCustomers want the same customer experience both in the physical and digital world. You’ll need to find a way to offer unprecedented value during their first experience with the company—whether it’s online or off. Make every touchpoint memorable and impressive.
  3. Provide excellent customer serviceCustomers want great customer service no matter where they are in the customer journey. This will help keep your audience engaged throughout the experience, ensuring customer satisfaction and fostering a long-term relationship.
  4. Deliver content at the right time and in the right placeCustomers expect timely and personalized content. Whether it’s owned, earned or shared media, the customer expects dynamic and provoking information from a brand—it’s imperative to deliver the right message at the right time.

You don’t need to be a Fortune 500 company to delight customers. Start by getting to know your customers inside and out and find out how they interact with your brand. From there, you can deliver the kind of omni channel experiences that will transform your business into a paragon of success.

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