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January 20, 2016

ADP's Transformation to a Digital-Centric Customer Experience

Digital Transformation

Is ADP leading the charge by transforming outdated and traditional systems into a digital-centric customer experiences? Human-resource departments run the risk of falling behind technologically due to aging, complex systems. A single department can use up to an average of 60 applications, making the entire set up complex and hard to use. For a people-centric department, the technology used for human-capital management is often some of the least user-friendly in the entire organization--but this doesn’t always need to be the case.ADP, a leading company in payroll and human-resource management solutions, took a new approach to "HCM," or human-capital management. As a result, ADP achieved a high-quality, digital-centric customer experience for its customer base. To understand an example of their new digital achievements would, we could first look at their innovation lab.

The ADP Innovation Lab

ADP has a broad range of experience with human-resources solutions, but the organization wanted an environmental solution specifically designed for driving innovation in the market. The conception of the ADP Innovation Lab aligns with these overall goals and has an open and collaborative atmosphere that's specifically designed to focus on innovation.Instead of focusing on the same style of working environment and staff as the rest of the organizations in this business field, their lab focuses on user-centric experiences that are closer to what their end users encounter with consumer technology. Consumer-technology companies focus heavily on a quality customer experience, and these expectations carry over into the technology used in work environments.The lab looks for areas to improve in HCM solutions, both inside and outside of the traditional system box. These digital innovations help ADP serve its 610,000 clients more effectively by applying user-experience research conducted in their lab and determining how to make the entire software experience intuitive and usable.

ADP Marketplace

While the ADP Innovation Lab focuses on the digital transformation of traditional systems alongside exploring new options, the ADP Marketplace concentrates entirely on a new way of handling HCM. ADP discovered most solutions used in the human-resources department that lacked integration, which resulted in a 60-percent increase in time spent on administrative tasks.Their approach to fixing the problem was the creation of the ADP Marketplace, the first operating system geared at HCM . The marketplace is overflowing with HCM apps hosted in the cloud that are designed to work with each other from the outset instead of requiring costly resources to integrate after deployment.This particular app store streamlines HCM procurement and operations so that human resource managers no longer need to spend substantial amounts of time searching for the right software--and hope that it works with the existing infrastructure.The ADP Marketplace also displays ADP's customer-centric approach to their solutions. Consumer app stores are available for specific devices, types of apps, and many other categories. By bringing the easy-to-use app store approach to HCM, ADP creates an immediately relatable user environment that is far more intuitive than existing solutions on the market.Another major benefit to the ADP Marketplace is its API. If a company can't find exactly the right app for its purposes, it can use the API to integrate their existing systems into the platform and leverage their data. This flexibility is a much-needed change from implementing software that can't pull data from pre-existing databases or doesn't work as well as it should due to limited integration.Centric Digital's rich experience with ADP in digital transformation consulting is enhancing many companies' human-capital management, a sector often frustrated with solutions that make more work and fail to increase productivity. By looking at the customer experience and creating an environment for innovative thinking, ADP is leading the digital transformation in an industry that still holds on to many traditional systems and processes.

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