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December 30, 2015

10 Surefire Strategies to Improve Omnichannel Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Proper attribution plays a key role in improving the customer experience through better insight into the channels leading to an action or conversion.Your customer's journey encompasses multiple touch points throughout the omnichannel experience, from in-person contact to mobile product support searches. Online and offline channels offer consumers more opportunities to engage with your business, whether they're reading your blog or talking with your sales agents. Proper attribution plays a vital role in improving the customer experience through better insight into the channels leading to an action or conversion. When you explore ways to optimize customer experience improvement programs, you have several key areas impacting effective omni channel attribution.

1. Focus on mobile.

Mobile apps serve an ever-growing mobile audience that wants access to your website and resources no matter where they are. Although mobile attribution can be difficult due to a lack of cookies and other identifiers, mobile apps do let you gain visibility into your mobile audience.

2. Watch wearables.

Wearables may revolve mostly around fitness trackers and smartwatches right now, but the market is going to expand rapidly over the next few years as the Internet of Things takes off. Tracking wearable attribution channels provides additional mobile-centric insight and complements your in-person channels.

3. Pay attention to analytics.

Analytics lets you make sense of the attribution data so you know the areas that need the most optimization. You can track efforts in comparison to others, put more resources toward high-performing channels, and use this data to guide your customer experience optimization.

4. Share results.

Reporting your attribution results helps you keep all involved departments on the same page with your analytics discoveries. Reports appropriate for the audience also keep attribution data accessible regardless of the department you're working with.

5. Be consistent.

Integrated omnichannel creates a customer experience that's consistent across all touchpoints. Today's consumer wants to move from channel to channel based on their own preferences, not the most convenient channels for your business.

6. Evaluate the big picture.

Tracking the interaction of offline and online touchpoints gives you a realistic idea of your customer's journey across multiple channels. You need to consider the impact individual channels have as well as the overall path when optimizing the customer experience for different marketing funnel segments.

7. Make it personal.

Personalization is another key customer experience area you need to focus on. You already collect data from multiple sources for your analytics tools, and personalization is a way to use this information to enhance the customer experience.

8. Provide tools.

Empowered customer service associates have tools available to adapt their support and assistance based on where the customer comes from during their journey. A pre-sales prospect, for example, has different needs from a post-sale customer, and your customer service team can assist your sales department with pre-sales education and resources.

9. Focus on usability.

The customer experience gets derailed from the start if your channels are frustrating to navigate or provide insufficient information. Create a consistent experience tailored to each channel for optimization.

10. Don't forget the post-sale experience.

Your customer's journey doesn't end simply because you convert them into a paying customer. You need attribution tracking in place for your current prospects to understand how their journey changes once they become a customer.When you know which areas need optimizing for customer experience and channel attribution, you need to execute the strategies. Get buy-in on an organizational level, as the omnichannel customer experience reaches many departments and staff members. And keep in mind that an integrated approach may require utilizing new tools, bringing in outside assistance for customer experience improvement programs, and hiring new staff skilled in the omnichannel customer experience.

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