End to End Ecommerce Services for Shopify Plus 

Many businesses are making the shift to pure cloud and no-code / low code platforms for their digital capabilities. Once considered only for small businesses, Shopify Plus is an enterprise strength platform that powers many leading ecommerce brands. Centric Digital provides end to end ecommerce capabilities including services specifically tailored to Shopify Plus.


Ecommerce Platform Migration

Shopify states that their customers spend up to 80% less on their online stores than with legacy systems. However, migrating technologies can be a daunting thought. Our selection of migration tools and expert designers developers can make migrating to Shopify from many well known ecommerce platforms easier than expected.

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Wordpress
  • Squarespace
  • Ecwid


Store Design & Theme Customization

One of Shopify’s benefits is its large and growing ecosystem of theme developers. Our team can evaluate the build vs. buy decision for themes based on your requirements and fully customize your theme and site.

  • User experience design
  • Responsiveness & Accessibility
  • Theme Evaluation & Selection
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Custom Development (CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Liquid, etc.)


Shopify SEO

Our team takes an SEO focused approach to setting up your site architecture, product and collections data and website content. Our specialists will give you the best possible chance of increasing the number of visitors, and converting those visitors into customers in order to drive sales for your company.

  • SEO Audits & Issue Resolution
  • Speed Optimization
  • Page Content Field Optimization
  • URL Structure Redirects
  • Meta Content 
  • Blogs & Content Marketing
  • Keyword Research


Product Data Migration & Management

Our team has formulated best practices to automate the migration and management of product data between Shopify and other systems.

  • Product Data Migration
  • Product Data Management
  • Digital Products & Subsriptions
  • Collections Setup
  • Inventory Data Integration


Campaign Automation

In addition to the core ecommerce store, Shopify Plus provides robust capability to quickly launch ecommerce and marketing campaigns.

  • Landing Pages
  • Minisites
  • Campaign Sites
  • Flash Sales
  • Ecommerce Automation


International, Regional & Multiple Store Setup

Thousands of global brands are now using Shopify. Our team can help configure Shopify Plus with the capabilities needed to operate a localized ecommerce business in multiple regions and countries.

  • Managing Sites in Multiple Languages
  • Managing Sites in Different Currencies
  • Managing Regional Stores
  • Managing Products Across Stores
  • Managing Content Across Stores


Marketplace App Configuration & Development

Another powerful benefit of using Shopify is it’s large app marketplace. Thousands of apps already exist that streamline ecommerce and operations and enable brands to go far beyond the core platform. Our team can help identify and implement apps to extend your capabilities.

  • App Research & Evaluation
  • App Setup & Configuration
  • Development Team Support
  • Custom App Development
  • End to End Testing


Payment Methods Setup & Integrations

Shopify Payments allows brands to quickly setup payments without length integrations. However many brands require or opt for alternatives especially in countries that don’t currently use Shopify Pay. Our team are experts at integrating 3rd party and popular payment methods..

  • Shopify Payments
  • 3rd Party Gateways
  • Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay
  • Stripe & Paypal Checkout
  • Pay later and other methods


Shipping & Fulfillment Setup & Integrations

Shopify offers out of the box or app enabled integration with leading shipment methods, fulfillment providers and ERP systems. Our team has integrated many custom solutions as well as configured Shopify integrations

  • Shopify Fulfillment Network
  • USPS, UPS, FedEx, International Carriers
  • 3rd Party Fulfillment
  • Fulfillment by Amazon
  • ERP Integration (SAP, Salesforce, etc.)
  • Customer Service & Warehouse Integration


Sale & Marketing Channel Setup

Shopify Plus provides out of the box and configurable integrations with leading ecommerce marketplaces but it’s critical to get the integration optimized to maximize results. Our team is well versed at setup and optimization of critical sales & marketing capabilities to expand your reach.

  • Google Shopping Feeds
  • Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Rakuten
  • Amazon, Ebay, Walmart
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Chat


Ecommerce & Marketing Automation

Shopify Plus provides critical ecommerce automation including through Shopify Flow. Our team works with you to understand your processes and look for opportunities to automate and enhance your operations.

  • Customer segmentation by behavior and spend
  • Inventory management for low-stock products
  • Merchandising and product organization
  • Sales and back in stock notifications
  • Workflow and template customization


Integration & API Development

Shopify Plus provides an expansive set of APIs which allow integration with systems to streamline your end to end ecommerce business. Our team includes highly skilled developers that have build APIs and integrated with APIs of many systems.

  • ERP & Financial Systems
  • Warehouse & Fulfillment Systems
  • Customer Service & Retail Store Systems
  • Custom API Integration Development
  • Serverless API Bridge


Omnichannel & Headless Ecommerce

Shopify Plus can power almost any ecommerce touchpoint to fully deliver on the promise of a seamless and omnichannel ecommerce experience.. Our team are experts in experience design in many channels and can help bring the power of Shopify Plus to life through these new channels.

  • Smartphones
  • Wearables, Smart Watches, etc.
  • Kiosks, Smart MIrrors, etc.
  • Retail Point of Sale
  • Vending Machines


Retail Point of Sale

Shopify Plus can integrate with existing point of sales systems in your retail locations. Shopify also provides its own point of sale systems. Our team can help integrated with both and ensure your retail store is integrated into your online store and all omnichannel touchpoints..

  • Loyalty apps for store and online
  • Target campaigns to local customers
  • Customer profiles with retail history
  • Click & Collect, Buy Online Pickup In Store
  • Reserve In Store, Buy In Store Ship to Home


Wholesale & B2B Ecommerce

Shopify Plus goes beyond just B2C ecommerce to enable you to build ecommerce capability with wholesales and partners. Our team has extensive experience working in B2B businesses and can help you modernize your wholesale and partner channels..

  • Wholesale Direct
  • Personalized Products, Pricing, Online Payment
  • Customizable navigation and onsite search
  • Integrate with ERP or CRM
  • Invoicing

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