October 13, 2014

Top 15 Tools for Telecommuting Tech Teams

Until quantum physicists finally achieve teleportation, more and more companies are embracing telecommuting as a great option for breaking the archaic office walls.Whether you're making a case on why you should be able to work remotely, or if you're simply looking for tools to better collaborate, look no further.Read: How Successful Tech Teams Work Remotely We spoke with Brian Manning, cofounder of Centric Digital, named one of Inc 500's Fastest Growing Companies about managing teams spread across the globe. We also spoke with Court Demone, design and marketing lead at both and as well as Preet Anand, CEO of tech company Blue Light about their favorite apps for working from home.Here are the top tools they simply can't live without, in no particular order:

  1. Google Hangouts
  2. All of the companies we spoke with use Google Hangouts regularly to have virtual face-to-face meetings.
  3. Pivotal Tracker
  4. This is an Agile development task manager, where Demone’s team stores all of the things they’re going to be doing, whether it’s code based or marketing based.
  5. Bit Bucket
  6. Demone uses this as their Git depositary. All of their code and server information is stored here. It also offers wikis that are incredibly useful as well.
  7. Google Docs
  8. Great for marketing and advertising efforts.
  9. Box
  10. Document management.
  11. Google Voice
  12. Great for international calls.
  14. Some prefer this screen-sharing application.
  15. Harvest
  16. Tracking time and expenses.
  17. Smartsheet
  18. Project planning tool.
  19. Bamboo HR
  20. Centric Digital's whole human resource info system is managed using this.
  21. GitHub
  22. For coding versioning
  23. Slack
  24. Anand's team prefers this for team chatting. He says it's awesome.
  25. Skype
  26. Team meetings, of course. An alternative to Hangouts.
  27. Asana
  28. Task management app preferred by Anand's team at BlueLight.
  29. JIRA
  30. Bug tracking, Agile project planning used by Centric Digital.

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