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January 9, 2015

Top 10 Chief Digital Officer Resolutions for 2015

Digital Trends

Lisa Meng (one of Centric Digital’s leading digital strategists) and Brian Manning (Centric Digital’s Chief Digital Officer) got together to distill these insights into a prioritized list to help you increase value from digital in your organization.

  1. They want regular reports to put digital trends into context for their company and also prepare for the next big waves in digital transformation (e.g. Internet of Things).
  2. They want to benchmark their digital capabilities against best practices, not just their competitors in an industry that may be behind in digital overall.
  3. They want a framework to demonstrate how the digital strategy will support the corporate objectives their executive team and board of directors are driving towards.
  4. They want a digital lens on their customer personas so they can ensure their digital strategies meet the actual needs of their customers.
  5. They want a journey map of their omni-channel customer experience, where digital also drives transformation in the offline experience of their business.
  6. They want to rapidly build visual clickable prototypes to bring strategies to life. They don’t find PowerPoint an engaging way to communicate with busy executive colleagues.
  7. They want the entire lifecycle of digital transformation to be agile, not just the technical development phase.
  8. They want a dynamic digital roadmap that is an integrated sequence of initiatives to transform their business, not just capture and schedule lots of line of business requests.
  9. They want to redesign and resize their digital organization around what they need to achieve, not what titles or functions their industry dictates they should have. 10.
  10. They want to be able to demonstrate the value they drive with visual and interactive tools.

Brian Manning