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November 6, 2013

Google Helpouts - Next Step In Medical Care

Digital Trends

Great article on Google Helpouts over at VentureBeat. Launched yesterday, Helpouts are the monetized cousin of Hangouts. These could have far reaching effects on just about every industry, especially for freelancers, but I think the biggest impact could be on health.

Health coaching and virtual doctor visits have been growing in popularity the last few years and with millions of Americans entering the ranks of the insured, medical Helpouts could be huge among younger demographics. With wearable technology and quantified self gaining more ground every day, a Helpout with your doctor could save you time and money. It could also save your life.

Having to schedule an appointment, use a sick day, and go to the doctor can be prohibitive for a person who feels it's only a minor ailment. Helpouts are a lower barrier option that could catch the little things before they become worse or even life-threatening. Reducing overall healthcare costs and increasing early detection rates and therefore survivability rates.

Of course, before they start giving out medical opinions online, doctors should probably get a Helpout going with a lawyer to be safe themselves.

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