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December 5, 2013

GE EcoSwitch Rethinks Kitchen Appliances

Digital Trends

As a New Yorker with a tiny kitchen who likes to cook, the best thing I've read today has to be Wired's coverage of EcoSwitch. EcoSwitch is a dream come true for anyone who considers counter space a premium. The team at Frog Design have come up with a unique hub to replace traditional kitchen appliances.Particularly as a renter, I have zero interest in most of the smart appliances currently being pushed out — I don't need my fridge, coffee pot, and slow-cooker suggesting recipes. Rather than a "how can we connect this to the internet?" marketing ploy, the EcoSwitch platform is a rethink of the standard kitchen.While EcoSwitch probably won't replace my gas stove range quite yet, the one appliance at a time issue is easily solved. The system, which utilizes induction heating, a single motor, and RFID tags to detect and operate different vessels, brings forth a world of new possibilities for kitchens of all sizes.Hopefully, GE takes EcoSwitch into production at a reasonable price and opens up the tech so others can bring more appliances — waffle iron! — and innovation into the EcoSwitch platform.

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