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November 22, 2013

Epic Splits and Epic Digital Advertising

Digital Trends

The new Volvo Trucks commercials like this one featuring Jean Claude Van Damme's Epic Split are a great showcase of the new paradigm for reallocating media. Through effective digital advertising and use of Youtube and social media, companies can save on their media spend and gain more visibility.

Volvo's campaign highlights product features that set their trucks apart in ways that are compelling enough for the audience to watch...and share. The additional "making of" content reinforces the ad campaign. In 9 days, the Van Damme Volvo ad surpassed 43 million views, not counting the other ads and content in the campaign. In contrast, NBC's Sunday Night Football had just under 27 million viewers — how many of those people watched each ad? And yes, we do know the difference between viewers and views — but you get the point.Engaging commercials are nothing new, everyone has a favorite Super Bowl ad. But online distribution is taking these ads to new heights. That's one of the primary reasons so many Super Bowl ads the last few years have had preview campaigns.The key of course is content — if you have a commercial that customers don't find engaging, a digital commercial won't work. You can post videos, buy Youtube ads and pre-roll, but if viewers aren't interested in your ad, they'll skip it. Your standard local law firm ads are not going to go viral, however with proper targeting, they can reach the right people at the right time, and with engaging content those right people can be converted.

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